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Make Chimney Repairs a Priority

Chimney Repair Pittsburgh PAMake sure your chimney is in working order with help from the crew at Coffey Contracting Company, Inc. We have put together a list of standard chimney issues you may be facing:

  • Damaged Flue Liner – A flue liner is an essential part of your chimney. This part makes sure that smoke and ash goes up the fireplace and out of your home. After years of use, it eventually begins to wear down and can crack or deteriorate. Without it, you may have to deal with smoke getting into your home.
  • Brick and Mortar Joint Problems – Loose and cracked bricks or damaged mortar joints is a common problem found in chimneys that are not regularly inspected. If you let these problems persist, it could cause further damage and you may need to replace your entire chimney.
  • Rusty Damper or Firebox – Have you noticed that the damper or firebox on your chimney is rusty? You may have a problem with too much moisture in your chimney. Moisture in your chimney can eat away at the mortar and damage any wood surrounding it.

Count on our specialists when you need a chimney repair in Pittsburgh, PA. We offer restoration and rebuilding services, as well as waterproofing, repointing, and additional maintenance.