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Take Care of Gutters in Spring

Gutter Repair in PittsburghSpring is in full swing, which means it is time for spring cleaning. When many of us think of spring cleaning, we think about cleaning up the interior of your home. We often forget about the many leaves and other debris that is in our gutters. Spring is a great time to start cleaning your gutters.

When your gutters are not working correctly, it can cause a vast array of problems. Gutters that do not work properly can cause rainwater to pool around the foundation of your house. It will get into your crawl space or basement, as well as cause expensive damage. Once winter is over, you should always have someone check out your gutters to ensure they are in working order.

Furthermore, pests tend to infest gutters that are stopped up with decaying leaves. Termites, wasps, and more love to get into these spaces. While there, they will eventually make their way into your attic, cause damage to your roof, and make things problematic for homeowners.

The team at Coffey Contracting Co., Inc., are available to assist you with your gutters. Our business offers new gutter installation services, as well as repair, maintenance, and replacement assistance. Contact us today for more information about gutter repair in Pittsburgh.

Why You Should Repair Your Gutters

Gutter Repair in PittsburghTaking care of your property means making sure that everything is in proper working order, including your gutters. Many people do not think about the gutters until they stop doing their job, but they are a vital part of your home or retail building. Without them, you may be facing a variety of problems that involve costly repairs.

Gutters are essential for a wide array of reasons. When you have gutters that work correctly, you can rest assured that the soil around your house is stabilized and that flooding under the house and in the basement does not occur. Additionally, gutters help you avoid foundation problems, water staining on bricks and stone masonry, issues with your doors. You should be cleaning your gutters regularly to ensure that your gutters continue to work properly. If not, your gutters can become a breeding ground for mold. Weeds and grass can also start growing when maintenance has not been performed.

When your gutters are not working correctly, you can contact the team at Coffey Contracting Company, Inc. One of our many specialties is gutter repair in Pittsburgh. You can give us a call at (412) 341-1127 to ask any questions you may have about our services.