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Roof Pitch – Basic Information

Roofing Contractor in Pittsburgh, PADo you know what roof pitch is? It is term professionals use to talk about the angle of a roof. Whether you are purchasing a new home or looking into a new roof installation, it is vital that to know about your roof pitch. With this info, you will be able to make an informed decision about the roof materials you need to use, roof walkability, and building proportions.

Roof pitch is essential, as it can help redirect water and snow. The steeper the roof, the less likely it is that snow and rain will damage it. If you have a low slope on your roof, then you will not be able to use asphalt shingles. Areas with a harsher climate will usually have a steep slope, as the angle ensures that the roof will last for a long time. If you have had roof problems in the past, you may want to discuss raising the pitch of your roof with a specialist.

Count on the team at Coffey Contracting Co., Inc., when you are investing in a new roof. When you speak to a roofing contractor in Pittsburgh, PA, from our business, you will be able to discuss pitch, as well as a variety of other issues to ensure that your roof is perfect for your home or business.